Why is a sharing economy important?

In our climate crisis, our excessive consumption and waste culture are both hurdles to change and great opportunities for rethinking the world we live in. 

One of our biggest challenges is to start seeing waste as a resource and not something to be landfilled or incinerated. We will start to rethink what we buy and how we buy it, or even finding what we need in other ways. In turn, we begin to build communities where sharing, swapping, reusing and upcycling are the norm. Communities are then brought closer together by a shared love and care for place and people. 

Tackling climate change requires us to be more aware of both what and how we consume. A challenge with endless rewards. 

Activities and Projects

Click on any of the projects or activities below to find out more about the work we do around the theme of Sharing, Reuse & Repair.

St AndReuse

A town-wide reuse project promoting the sharing and swapping of secondhand items around St Andrews and the East Neuk

Students using a hammer

Tool Share

A library of power tools, kitchen appliances and gardening equipment


A community group sharing valuable skills. A lot of the workshops are all about being zero waste

Working to keep St Andrews’ beaches and green spaces free from pollution

Upcoming Events