What is Bike Pool?

Bike Pool is about getting more people cycling, and cycling safely, in St Andrews. There are four key areas to this project:

1) We refurbish abandoned/donated bicycles to stop them from going to landfill.

2) We rent out bikes and support people with upkeep. This also helps reduce the number of bikes getting abandoned.

3) We support people to become self-sufficient at riding, fixing and maintaining bikes.

4) We promote cycling in St Andrews as a healthy and greener way of travelling. We organize led rides, cycle training and inform the St Andrews Bike User Group with ideas to improve cycling infrastructure.

Find out more about what we do and how you can get involved by selecting one of the buttons above.

Bikes are rented and paid for at specific rental events. Keep an eye out on our socials and website events for the next one. Please ensure you reserve a bike or book a space before the event to ensure you will be seen to. To do this:

1. Go to MyTurn – the platform we use for renting bikes and loaning tools
2. Create an account
3. Browse the inventory to see what bikes are available cycle
4. Make a reservation and add your credit/debit card details to your MyTurn account
5. Attend a bike rental event to collect your event

For returns, please return the bike to the rear of the Old Burgh SchoolAbbey Walk, St Andrews KY16 9LB and secure it to the cycle racks provided beside the white shipping containers. Email transition@st-andrews.ac.uk giving your bike number and lock code. We aim to return all deposits within 7 working days but this is subject to change in line with holidays and term.


Prices vary depending on the quality of bike and the length of the loan period. Please read more to see the pricing breakdowns and FAQs.

Bike Bursaries

We have a limited number of free bikes available (only £70 deposit to pay) for those in most financial need that have been referred to us by students services. Contact the Money Advice team to enquire about a referral.

We run Fix it sessions to support people to fix their bike and learn about it. You will get a one-on-one with a professional mechanic who will check your bike over and discuss any issues. Tools and parts are available – depending on what you need to fix your bike, you may be charged.

We offer two types of sessions:

Pop-Up Events – these are drop in sessions, with no need to book. We do recommend arriving early as these are normally quite popular! They are usually at St Andrews Farmers Market and Orientation Week events such as The Big Give Away.

Bi-Weekly Sessions – we hold sessions every Tuesday at David Russell Apartments and Wednesday at Cosmos Centre on Abbey Street. Each session lasts 90 minutes. Booking is key to getting a half hour slot.

See the events below for the next session and to book your slot. At present we are part of the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme so you can get up to £15 worth of parts for free. Parts are charged at cost normally and the work is paid for by Paths for All Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Fund via Fife Council.

Fixing your own bike is an essential skill for any cyclist. Especially if you are planning to take advantage of the beautiful scenery surrounding St Andrews and go on rides outside of town.

We provide training and courses up to a professional standard, we also offer the opportunity to hone your skills and help others at the same time.

So we run a one day basic maintenance skills workshop four times a year funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places Fund . See our events pages for dates and times.

Velotech Qualifications

Velotech Qualifications are industry-recognised and offer three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The courses are costly so we only fund a small number of volunteers each year, with the provision that you use your newfound skills to help others consistently at Bike Pool.

To check availability and requirements please get in touch.

Essential Cycling Skills Course

Sign up to one of our 2-hour Essential Cycling Skills courses and get professional one-on-one tuition. There are 3 levels to choose from:

Absolute Beginner

Introduction to On-Road

Everyday Commuter.

We can provide the necessary equipment if you do not have your own. These courses are delivered through Cycling Scotland.

Join a Led Ride

A led ride is a guided cycle along a planned route with a group of fellow cyclists at a similar ability level. This are led by a competent and registered ride leader.

If you are a certified Cycle Rider Leader you can lead a ride. Read on below.

Join a Led Ride

A led ride is a guided cycle along a planned route with a group of fellow cyclists at a similar ability level. This are led by a competent and registered ride leader. Look out for upcoming led rides below on

If you are a certified Cycle Rider Leader you can lead a ride.

Cycle Ride Leader

This course covers the skills necessary you require to lead cycle rides on roads and on recognised cycle paths. Those wanting to become a ride leader should be a regular, confident and competent cyclist and know how to fix a puncture.

Donate your bike by taking it to the bike rack by the shipping containers behind Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk. There is a rack marked Donations. Then, send an email to bikepool@st-andrews.ac.uk with a description and photo.

If you suspect your bike may have been tagged as abandoned and uplifted, please contact the University St Andrews Estates Department who can check our Abandoned Bike Register on 01334 463999, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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