Why is smarter travel important?

We all have to travel so why not make it more active, social and green?

Whether it is getting people on bikes, sharing car journeys, taking public transport or walking, there are plenty of planet-friendly options for all. 

Activities and Projects

Click on any of the projects or activities below to find out more about the work we do around the theme of Smarter Travel.

Bike Pool

The go to place for information on cycling in St Andrews


Sharing lifts are a great way to tackle climate change. By sharing your ride you can reduce your carbon footprint. You will also help limit congestion and pollution, as well as saving money and meeting new people

Active Travel Champions

The Active Travel Champions initiative is all about celebrating the active travellers in our communities and linking people up to projects all about walking, wheeling and cycling

Maps, Safety and Information

Enjoy a safe, convenient journey no matter how you travel

Upcoming Events