Why is smarter travel important?

Transport is the biggest contributor to climate change. The more we travel actively or on public transport or even car share the better care we are taking of our planet for us and future generations.

The positive impact of increased active travel are:

Reduced congestion – enabling people to choose active or sustainable travel will reduce congestion on our roads

Reduced air pollution – less car-driven journeys and more walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport are important in tackling air pollution and its negative health impacts. As well as being a part of the solution, active travel becomes more pleasant and therefore more likely to be adopted as air quality improves.

Higher quality public realm – Improving opportunities to walk will create places and communities that are more able to adapt and be vibrant, creative, enterprising, and accessible

Better physical, mental and social health – Active travel has clear health benefits as physical activity increases, social connections are made and mental health is boosted by activity and time outdoors in nature. Active travel is an important opportunity for savings in terms of preventing ill health.

Reducing carbon emissions and helping reach net-zero carbon goals – Changing to active travel can have significant lifecycle carbon emissions benefits.  The largest benefits come from shifts from car to active travel for business, social and commuting journeys.

Economic growth and vibrant communities – Investing in infrastructure and support for active travel can increase economic growth and vibrancy. Those walking, wheeling and cycling tend to spend more money locally than drivers. Increasing active travel can stimulate economic growth in urban areas and benefit local shops

It is inclusive and reduces inequalities – Accessible walking, wheeling, cycling and good public transport links can reduce inequalities by giving equal access to employment, education and other services. 

Activities and Projects

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Bike Pool

The go to place for information on cycling in St Andrews


Sharing lifts are a great way to tackle climate change. By sharing your ride you can reduce your carbon footprint. You will also help limit congestion and pollution, as well as saving money and meeting new people

Active Travel Champions

The Active Travel Champions initiative is all about celebrating the active travellers in our communities and linking people up to projects all about walking, wheeling and cycling

Maps, Safety and Information

Enjoy a safe, convenient journey no matter how you travel

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