My attendance at COP28 was quite productive and distressing concurrently.
Much as I couldn’t follow everything 100% but the overall picture from
COP28 is still within my scope. In other ways, my reflection is purely from a
personal point of view and I totally appreciate other similar and contrasting

COP outcomes determines the progress at global scale towards addressing
the GHG emissions that are primarily the key contributing factor to the
significant increase in global warming that has affected most world climates.
A number of studies have for example highlighted Carbon & Methane
emissions to have a bearing on the increasing global temperatures being
experienced around the world and on the contrary also influencing the
extreme lower temperature levels across some regions. The Paris agreement
inspired countries to make Nationally Determined Contributions- NDCs aimed
at achieving the 1.5 degrees which according to some analysis we are
already behind schedule but nevertheless COP28 provided a stock taking on
the Paris agreement.

On one hand we appreciate some strides that were achieved at COP28 like
the loss and damage fund which has been positively received by many
sectors, the tripling on Renewable Energy investments which might likely see
more support towards renewable energy technologies and projects. On the
renewable energy part, it is important to among others focus on people’s
accessibility to renewable energy technologies around the world and in
particular the global south as most of these technologies are produced in
China and some parts of Europe with price tags way higher for the common
person in the rural and urban to afford.
COP28 also managed to start a serious discussion on Fossil Fuels and trying
to work towards energy transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of
energy such as renewable energy.

first; Assuming you are a patient struggling with pain on your foot and your
neighbor next door brings painkillers to help relieve your pain while at the
same time stepping further more on your affected foot 🦶 on the basis that
painkillers will be provided for the pain caused by further stepping. Sorry to
take all this long but the actualisation process to attain climate justice
through ending the GHG emissions by tripling on renewable energy 󰗦 and
continuing the fossil emissions󰗫 leaves a lot to be desired😢, especially
from a poor young farmer from Mchinji in Malawi where severe cyclones and
other extreme weather events are on a scary increase each passing year.
Most of these farmers across the country sorely depend on agriculture for
their livelihood and survival including supporting their families and paying
school fees for their children. Not only are they affected by these increasing
climate shocks but more people, animals and other forms of life are dying
due to Cyclones and Floods that have been registered through the past years
in an increasing order. Currently Malawi is in rain season with already
uncertainties ahead as El Nilno weather is likely going to affect the
rain-Season in-between as forecasts indicate among other likely extreme
scenarios. As such we are still challenged with the urgent need to embrace
the bigger and long term picture which has been largely massaged and even
neglected to a larger extent at COP28 but yes some gains 🤩 were also on
the card.

My take on COP28 is that we can still do better and get for once more real
with what we want to achieve in the end. “I was in particular amazed how
the Fossil Fuel industry remains untouchable and even to some degree the
determining factor for what can be agreed and not. I suppose and expect
COP to be the centre stage for embracing the strong and the weak, therefore
it is imperative that we make more progress towards getting off the table
the victimiser’s interest while neglecting the victim low sounding voice 🗣. I
personally believe that the UNFCCC is tirelessly working towards achieving
this and this is attested by the gradual progress registered through COP over
the years. We have been more than ever privileged with scientific and site
based countless evidence from people living in climate affected areas like the
global south.
The political processes behind COP should also be attested to whether they
support democratic governance trickling down to national governments
inspired by democratic governance.

In my closing reflection, I would like to highlight the urgency to address the
climate crisis guided by emerging scientific data & various ground
experiences that still stand vulnerable to the expanding thirst for economic
advancements and high consumption largely fuelled by fossil fuels. Therefore
We currently stand in between these two sides that are in conflict but with
hope and anticipation that there is some light 💡 at the end of the tunnel,
simply any minute the right people make the right decision.