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What is Tool Share?

Tool Share works just like a library where you can find the tools you need, loan them out, and host a party or get your home DIY projects started. Why buy new when you can borrow? It is a no brainer! With Tool Share you will find garden equipment, kitchen appliances, hand and power tools, a gazebo, pizza oven and PA system. It is all there.

Tool Share is available to anyone and everyone. Memberships cost £15 per year.

View tools online via MyTurn
Create an account and pay to become a member.
Reserve tools by Tuesday to ensure they are available for you to collect on Thursday.
You can loan up to 5 tools for a 13 day period. Tools can be renewed twice.
We will send you a message notifying you that your tools are ready for collection. The message includes locations, locker number and lock code.
Return your tools to the same locker.

We are moving away from a face-to-face system – with lockers at the Student’s Union and North East Fife Community Hub – to give you more flexibility and accessibility. After you reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email detailing a locker number and lock code. Over the duration of the loan the same locker will remain empty so you can return your tool(s) using the same lock code. 

See what power tools, hand tools, garden equipment and kitchen appliances are available for loaning. The long list includes a PA system, pizza oven, gazebo and beach chairs!

When signing up please make sure you select the Tool Share membership to be eligible for loaning tools.

We are looking for people to get involved in other ways too. You can simply donate tools or volunteer to help with tool maintenance and lending. See the Get Involved page for other volunteer opportunities.


The two locker locations for remote pick ups are:

North East Fife Comunity Hub

Down at the St David’s Centre, Albany Park, you can find 6 lockers and one large locker to the left of the building’s front entrance.

Student’s Union

There are 6 lockers situated behind the Student’s Union which you can access by walking the path to the left of the Union shop.

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