What is Liftshare?

We’re delighted to have our teams return to work – especially when it doesn’t have to cost the Earth! You may have seen we’ve relaunched our Liftshare scheme as part of the Commute Back Better campaign to reduce our commuter emissions. The Liftshare app allows you to connect with colleagues who regularly make the same journeys as you. It’s quick, easy and FREE to sign up.

Sharing lifts are a great way to tackle climate change. By sharing your ride you can reduce your carbon footprint. You will also help limit congestion and pollution, as well as saving money and meeting new people.

If you are currently searching for a lift or you can offer a lift then don’t delay, sign up! We can help you find others who have the same travel needs.

Safer Liftshare Guidance

Please also refer to the up-to-date guidance from Transport Scotland.


If sharing with another household, limit the number of people to as few as possible and try to share with the same person each time.


Optimise distance between people in the vehicle, for example by the passenger sitting in back left-hand seat of a car.


Clean door handles and other areas that people may touch between journeys using gloves and standard cleaning products.


Perform hand hygiene and minimise any physical contact with each other.


Occupants in the car, including the driver, should wear a face covering provided it does not compromise driver safety in any way.


Keep the windows open where possible to allow fresh air into the vehicle.