What are Active Travel Champions?

Active travel is not only a great way to reduce carbon emissions, it benefits our physical and mental wellbeing too! The Active Travel Champions initiative is all about celebrating the active travellers in our communities and linking people up to projects all about walking, wheeling and cycling.

Do you support a smarter travel project? Or are you considering getting involved in any? If so, in our eyes, you are already an Active Travel Champion!

Active Travel Champions are bound by the desire and drive to help support or deliver active travel initiatives in the local area. The message is clear – for the sake of people and planet lets work on delivering and spreading the word around the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to get around.

Current Active Travel Champion Projects

Walk with Transition

New buddy walking programme, open to all

Walks with Transition

Wee Walk once a Week (WWOAW)

University staff only


Crail to St Andrews Shared Path

A funded infrastructure project connecting local routes 

Crail to St Andrews Shared Path

Belles on Bikes

Peer to peer support group for female cyclists

Email for information

Bike Pool

Everything related to either fixing, hiring out or learning to maintain a bike

Bike Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Involved

To find out more, ask questions, show your support or sign up please email: transition@st-andrews.ac.uk

If you have any great ideas for local active and sustainable travel projects don’t be shy, get in touch ! We would love to hear from you.