What are Cargo Bikes and Adapted Trikes?

You are now able to loan an E-Cargo Bike from us for 2 weeks for Free.
There is a small security deposit, and you can borrow a helmet from us.
You’ll receive a lock, 1-3 hour Induction on using the bike and support throughout your loan.
This is a great opportunity to really get to experience how versatile and useful these bikes are.
Please get in touch with us if you would like to try out an E Cargo Bike for 2 weeks.

Bike Pool now has a fleet of cargo and adapted cycles available to hire for individuals, charities, and businesses. Our goal is to replace local journeys made by vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) with our zero-emission cycles, as well as support people to get active and get cycling. Cargo bikes have a cargo hold to transport larger items (including people) or larger quantities of items around. In some cities cargo bike are up to 60% greener, cleaner, and faster way to transport people and things around. They come in all shapes and sizes fit for different purposes. Adapted trikes are modified to help people with a range of physical abilities cycle. Our trikes are recumbant so you can sit upright in a chair to relieve any strain. All of the bikes and trikes are pedal powered with electric assist to support your ride. Read below for complete information on the service. Finally, we are delighted to be able to rent out these cycles with thanks to funding from The Crown Estate, the Energy Saving Trust & Transport Scotland. We would also like to give thanks to Sustrans, Edinburgh Festival of Cycling and Fife College for their help in getting the scheme off the ground.

Before you can rent, we must ensure you are a competent and confident cyclist who can safely use a cargo bike or adapted trike on the roads. Find out more in ‘Compulsory Induction Session’ below.

. Meet the fleet on MyTurn
. Via ‘Create Account’ in the top right-hand corner set up a Bike Pool membership
. Browse the inventory. Cargo and adapted cycles are on the front page
. Make a reservation and add your credit/debit card details to your MyTurn account
Once you are eligible:
. Reservations by 5pm for next day rental
. Collections and returns only on weekdays before 6pm (if you create a reservation on Friday, collection is Monday)
. If no one is available to receive the return, lock the bike/trike to the bike rack opposite 7 Woodburn Place, KY16 8LA. Please ensure the rain cover is on.
. Take a photo of the bike/trike and email us. If your email is not received before 6pm you may be charged a £5 late fee every hour.

Prices vary depending on which bike/trike you are using and the length of loan. If you are part of a charity organisation or the University’s trades staff, enquire about free loans or discounts.

This project operates under Transition St Andrews, Community Interest Company. We are a not-for-profit. Rental fees go towards the maintenance and development of the scheme.

First-time renters require a 1 hour induction session with their preferred bike/trike. These usually take place on Friday’s from 12pm to 1pm. To book:

Make a reservation and we will contact you to arrange an induction session.

Contact us directly to arrange a session.

We recommend you take-out third-party insurance:

Additionally, if you are a member of Cycling UK you will already have liability insurance included in the membership:

Please read over the Renter’s Agreement and Liability Waiver to understand your responsibilities when hiring our cycles.

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