As we mark the end of our first year of Fife Climate Hub, it is a momentous occasion to reflect on the significant strides we have collectively taken toward combating the climate and
biodiversity crisis in Fife.

Since our inception in June 2023, we’ve been engaged in a variety of activities aimed at strengthening the capacity and confidence of our member community groups. With our
membership doubling in that time. From informative training sessions to hands-on workshops, Fife Climate Hub has been a hub of learning and empowerment, welcoming an
impressive 948 attendees to our events.

One of the cornerstones of our efforts has been the distribution of Community Climate Grants, which provided essential funding of more than £20,000 to support local projects addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis at a grassroots level. These grants, awarded to 39 recipients, enabled groups of all sizes and variety, from St Andrews Botanic Garden to Fife Curnie Clubs, to turn their ideas into impactful initiatives that benefit our communities and the environment.

Many grants were used to put on events in the Fife Climate Festival. From talks such as the Climate Conversations run by Forgan Arts Centre in their gardens; to a film showing of
Wall-E by Greener Kirkcaldy; to full day events such as Cupar River Day which saw more than 250 people walking through the doors of their River Eden based event with stalls,
music, lunch and talks.

Sustainable Cupar’s River Day which saw 250 people through its doors

This was Fife’s first climate festival, and it was the highlight of our year, with nearly 60 events engaging and inspiring people from across the region. Through educational workshops,
interactive exhibits, and community gatherings, we were able to showcase the collective power of our network in driving positive change.

Looking forward, Fife Climate Hub intends to remain steadfast in its commitment to
supporting and empowering communities to take meaningful climate action. By continuing to provide training, resources, and opportunities for collaboration, we aim to build a resilient
and sustainable future for Fife into 2024/25.

As we conclude this first chapter of the Fife Climate Hub story, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey so far. Together, we have achieved so much, and I have no doubt that with our continued collaboration, we will accomplish even more next year.

Andrea Habeshaw PR and Communications Lead at Fife Climate Hub