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What is St AndReuse?

St AndReuse is a townwide project that aims to tackle waste and save people money with the sharing, swapping and reusing of pre-loved or secondhand things.

The majority of items are passed on by students at the end of each term. But over the past year people are also dropping off their unwanted things during our weekly drop-in sessions.

Since 2009 we have rehomed over 40 tonnes of perfectly reusable household items, saving over 200 tonnes of CO2e and £500,000 for people’s pockets.

This project is partner run by Transition, the St Andrews Environmental Network and the University of St Andrews.

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Projects and Activities

Check out what initiatives are happening under St AndReuse and how you get involved

End of Term Collections

Donation points are set up in each university halls for residents to pass on their unwanted belongings. It is crazy couple weeks with van runs every couple days and plenty of volunteer support.

Big Giveaways

Big GIveaways take place at the start of each semester for new and returning students to get all the things they need during their time here in St Andrews. Everything except clothes are free. Clothes are £5 for up to 5 items.

Weekly Drop-In Sessions

Our drop-ins are based at Transition’s storage in University Hall, running 1-3pm on Mondays and Fridays (see events for confirmation). Stop by to volunteer, pass on items or pick up new ones. Everything is free.

Shared Kitchen Packs in Halls

While reusing is vital, we also need to reduce. Transition is working with halls of residences to create kitchenware sets for shared accommodation. This way students won’t require buying in brand new kitchenware each year.

Support Fife Charities

The St Andrews Environmental Network support several charities across Fife by creating home packs and providing essential items. The majority of the items come from donations in halls. Charities include Fife Gingerbread and Fife Women’s Aid.

Clothes Swaps & Sales

St AndReuse hosts clothing swap & sale pop-ups, which are a great way to lower your footprint, save money and tackle fast fashion. Clothes are £5 for up to 5 items or you can swap your clothes on a one-to-one basis.

Where to Find Us

While St AndReuse runs a lot of pop-up events around town, there are a few spaces worth knowing how to find if you want to engage with the project more regularly.

University Hall, Kennedy Gardens, St Andrews, KY16 9DL

Transition Storage

The garage is located at the back of the main block (Lumsden) at Uni Hall. This is where Transition’s drop-in sessions are held.

1. From the main enterance follow the outside of the building to the right
2. Walk between Lumsden and Wadlaw (the castle looking one) down towards the recycling bins
3. Walk past the recycling site and follow the path down to the far side of the building
4. A community garden will be to your right and a large bike shelter to your left
5. Transition’s storage is by the bike shelter

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