Why is Climate Know-How & Action?

Often the hardest step in taking action is understanding what is climate change and speaking about it. This is what ‘Climate Know-How & Action’ is all about. From film screenings to supporting academic research and everything inbetween, our projects and activities aim to make climate change a normal conversation to have.

See below for activities and projects under this theme.

Activities and Projects

Click on any of the projects or activities below to find out more about the work we do around the theme of Climate Know-How & Action.

Living Labs

A platform to link research at the University to the local environment and community

The Kernel

A co-run community space at the back of the Botanic Gardens


Find out more on projects and research that are raising awareness and support around eco-anxiety

Green Film Festival

Films are a great way to get people talking about some difficult topics around climate change

A facilitated workshop to get people in the community talking climate

Upcoming Events