Last Updated: 07-Nov-2021, 00.25

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Particulate Matter 2.5 (µg/m3)


Particulate Matter 10 (µg/m3)


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) (ppb)

  • The air is clear—perfect for outdoor activities! Pollution levels are under the recommended exposure thresholds set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for one year of pollution exposure. 
  • Air quality is considered acceptable, though approaching the recommended WHO threshold for one year of pollution exposure.
  • Pollution levels are now over the recommended WHO threshold for one year. There may be certain health concerns for people with specific sensitivities.
  • The air is highly polluted—above twenty-four-hour exposure recommendations from the World Health Organisation. Everyone may start to feel adverse health effects, and those with sensitivities should take care when performing outdoor activities.
  • Levels have exceeded the recommended WHO exposure threshold for one hour. Everyone may start to experience more serious health effects at these levels, and long term exposure constitutes a real health risk.
  • These levels constitute emergency conditions. There can be harmful impacts on the general public, even in the case of short-term exposure.