Know your local air quality

To protect yourself from poor air quality you can use forecasting to plan your time outdoors according to what the air quality will be and limit your exposure to air pollution.

Air Quality in Scotland uses their network of monitoring sites to provide near real-time updates on air quality and uses a Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI) to provide air quality forecasts. The DAQI is based on the predicted air pollution index for nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, particulate matter < 2.5 μm and particulate matter < 10 μm.

This is then converted to an air pollution band, Low, Moderate, High or Very High which can indicate how vulnerable individuals and the general population may be affected by exposure.

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  • Low – the usual outdoor activities can be safely enjoyed by everyone.
  • Moderate – the general population can enjoy their usual outdoor activities, vulnerable individuals (people with lung problems and adults with heart problems) who experience symptoms should consider reducing strenuous activity and time outdoors.
  • High – anyone experiencing symptoms should consider limiting activity and time outdoors. Vulnerable individuals (people with lung or heart problems and older people) should reduce physical exertion and time outdoors, especially if they experience symptoms.
  • Very High – everyone should reduce physical exertion, particularly outdoors. Vulnerable individuals should avoid all strenuous physical activity.