St Andrews Sustainability Map
Find all the locations of our community gardens, public toilets, recycling points, bike parking, points of interest, biodiversity sites and more. Click on each point to find out more.

St Andrews Smarter Travel Map
Here you can find a range of traffic-free walking and cycling routes, bicycle shops, electric vehicle charging points, cycle parking locations, the Stagecoach bus station, and more.

You can purchase a set of front and rear bicycle rights and/or a bicycle D-Lock from Transition.

Bicycle Lights
Front and rear Oxford Bright Line bicycle light. Batteries are included.

Information regarding collection will be sent after purchase.

Maximum security Bike D-lock with 4 keys. Rated 10 security level and meets “Sold secure” standard. Size is 110mm by 280mm with a diameter of 13mm.

After purchase, D-Locks can be collected from Agnes Blackadder Hall Reception, DRA Reception or the Transition office.

There are many options to obtain a bicycle and its accessories in St Andrews. You have the option to hire, buy second-hand or new. See below for a few of our suggestions.

Hiring a Bicycle

Bike Pool
You can hire a bike through our Bike Pool rental Scheme, we aim to provide long term, low cost rental for your convenience. Each bike is unique, having been donated by other cyclists and is then lovingly restored by our team of dedicated volunteers. For more information, please see Rent a Bike.

Buying a Bicycle and Accessories

Cyclepath, St Andrews
A local bicycle shop that sells a range of second-hand bicycles and accessories. Please see their website for further details.

Bikeworks, Glenrothes
A charitable project refurbishing abandoned bikes and selling them on second-hand. For more information: see their website.

Spokes, St Andrews
A local bicycle shop located on South Street, St Andrews, selling a range of bicycles and cycling accessories. See their website for more information.

Fife Cycle Centre, Leuchars
A bicycle shop based at Leuchars, Fife, selling a range of new bicycles and accessories. Please see their website for more details.

Electric Bikes Scotland, Dundee
Electric Bikes Scotland have been supplying electric bikes (ebikes) for over 10 years. Check our their website for further information.

Other Options

A worldwide sharing movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community. You may be lucky and find a gem on here! More details can be found on their website.

There are many local selling pages on Facebook from which you may be able to buy a bicycle.
Bike Pool Facebook Group or Free and For Sale St Andrews 2.0 are some examples.

Bike Lights
When cycling in the dark, it is essential to put lights on your bike. In the United Kingdom, we place a white light on the front of the bike and a red light for the rear. It is against the law to cycle at night without lights.

Bike Locks
All cyclists should ensure the frame of your bicycle is locked to an immovable object (ideally a metal bicycle loop) with a lock rated by the ‘Sold Secure’ scheme of Silver or higher.

Road Rules
The relevant sections of the Highway Code for cyclists can be accessed here on the Department for Transport website. You can also pick up a copy from the library.

General Advice
Police Scotland have produced advice relating to road safety specifically for cyclists, which can be accessed here.

Our light-hearted but important cycle safety film can be viewed below.