Act for Our Local Wildlife

March to the Meadows

Leading on from previous events (COP26 and Line in the Sand), on Friday 24th March, we are Marching to the Meadows.

Since the 1930s, the UK has lost more than 41% of its native wildlife since the 1970s and, since the 1930s, over 97% of its flower-rich grasslands. This ecological crisis requires us to take a stand now more than ever to counteract biodiversity loss and make refuge for our valuable local wildlife.  

Fife is a mosaic of landscapes and communities which requires a collective effort to protect and increase our local biodiversity. Fife Council’s grassland management strategy is a step in the right direction. It aims for 10% of Council-managed grasslands to be maintained in a new way, encouraging wildflower meadows. However, we believe we can do better.  

“Our individual actions may seem insignificant and unimportant when set against the great environmental issues of our time, but remember that the issues we face today are precisely the result of millions of small actions”

Scotland’s Biodiversity: It’s In Your Hands (2004)

We have the ability to do great things on our own and as part of a community. We should never forget that we are stewards of the land. The UN’s Global Biodiversity Framework has set the target of 30 by 30, committing to protect 30% of our land and seas for nature by 2030. The big question is, how can we contribute to this?

Where Fife Council works from the top-down committing 10% of grasslands to alternative management, together we need to lead the community effort and go beyond. What actions can you do for Fife’s wildlife and grasslands this year?

1. Actions at Home

Contribute to ’30 by 30′ in your garden or around your home by creating a small wildflower patch or digging a freshwater pond. For more ideas, see ZeroWasteScotland’s blog.

Help our threatened wildlife by installing a bird, bat and/or hedgehog box in your garden or local greenspace. There is plenty of chance for DIY. For a starter on making a bird box, check out the RSPB.

Sam Woolhead, bug hotel created during lockdown

2. Actions in Your Community

Support local ambitions across Fife such as Climate Action Fife’s planting a tree in a public space for every person in your community by 2027. The best way is to become a Fife Tree Warden. As a warden you can plant, look after and stand up for trees in your local area. You will be supported by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust to have the biggest impact. There’s even an online induction on the Monday 27th March!

Get involved with nation-wide iniatives that support communities to become stewards of their lands and waters. BugLife Scotland are leading a citizen science programme so you can become a River Guardian where you live.

2. Call on Your Councils

Contact your local councillor or community council demanding they do more to champion the protection and enhancement of your local grasslands. Things you could demand:

  • Fife Council’s grassland management aligns to the UN Global Diversity Framework of ‘30 by 30’ (up from 10% target at present).
  • Community councils assist implementing ‘30 by 30’ in your local area.
  • Your local elected representatives and community council support the Climate Action Fife ambition for a tree to be planted in a public space for every person in your community by 2027.  
  • Community councils champion habitat initiatives that protect threatened species such as building bird, bat and hedgehog boxes. 
  • Community council or elected member must include biodiveristy enhancement in developing local place plans.
  • A position must be nominated in community councils designated to biodiversity enhancement in the community. 
  • From the leadership of Strathmiglo, call on community councils and elected members to support a move towards designating your local area as a ‘Biodiversity Village, Town or Neighbourhood’.