Transition is a grassroots initiative that helps communities respond to the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change. It is a viral movement that was started in 2005 and today has spread all over the world. To date, Scotland has over 150 communities that show interest or are official Transition Towns. And this year Transition is blossoming at the University of St Andrews!

Last year Transition at the University of St Andrews was just an idea. It was talked about in a small group of students and staff interested in sustainability and community. Through our concerted toil this past year we were able to bring in funding from the Climate Challenege Fund to realise our goals and hire 3 full time staff members to run the projects we always wanted to do.

As part of the Transition model, communities adopt and adapt the model on their journey to self-sufficiency. Transition aims to inspire, encourage and support communities as they self-organise and create initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce carbon emissions.

Transition is all about bringing people together to make more resilient communities; we aim for there to be something for everyone. From rewarding you for saving energy in halls, reducing waste and getting free stuff from St AndRe-Use or learning how to fix up a bike – it is about you. Building community is about working toward agreed community aims and goals.

We want to help St Andrews become the community we all want. If you have ideas for projects or changes you would like to see in St Andrews, and specifically the University, please get involved with us.  We always need new people, ideas and projects, and without you, Transition is meaningless.

In the coming weeks we will be launching our first Open Forum and would like everyone interested in building this Transition community to come along.  All students, staff and members of the St Andrews community are welcome and we would encourage you all to come along. To find out more about the event, email or keep an eye on the events page of our website here.


Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs

Student Co-ordinator for Transition University of St Andrews (2010-Present)


Student members of the Transition University of St Andrews Steering Group