Want to learn how to make the most out of your food budget?
Save money whilst cooking as well as saving on your energy bills?
And all the while make small changes around the kitchen which could lower your carbon footprint?

COOK SMARTER is running a Cooking Class on Friday 19th April to teach you some key skills to cook more efficiently, save energy & money and preventing food waste.

Date / Time: Friday 19th April 1-3pm
Venue: Mansfield Building (opp Student’s Union), St Mary’s Place, St Andrews

The class will be practical and fun and is open to all who want to learn some top tips on how to cook smarter. As well as that, you’ll get a bunch of freebies, a free cook smarter manual and be able to hire out our thermal cookers (which cook your food without having to use gas / electricity).

The event is free however the number of places is limited to 12.
To register for a place, please email transition@st-andrews.ac.uk by Monday 15th April.