We are delighted to introduce the Edible Campus Garden Tours, led by an experienced walking guide, we will take you on a short walking tour around some of the hidden gardens in St Andrews, there may even be some food to harvest.


 St Gregory’s Quad, Pallet garden 

Everyone is welcome in our Community gardens, all we ask is that you record your visit in the record book on site at each garden.

The Garden Tours are an excellent introduction to some of these gardens, with a knowledgeable volunteer.

Get in touch with us to arrange a tour via email (transition@st-andrews.ac.uk) and we will try and find a time suitable for both you and our Volunteers. Tours will start at either 11am or 2pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and will last approximately one hour and be an easy stroll, visiting 4 of the 13 Edible Campus Gardens.

St Mary’s (secret) garden

Hope to see you in a garden soon!