Just come across an article in New Scientist from April last year about the effect of atmospheric CO2 levels and the disappearance of Arctic sea ice and it is shocking. What it shows, very simply, is that we can all make a collective effort to reduce our CO2 emissions and thereby delay the rate of arctic ice retreat.

It takes 1 tonne of CO2 to melt 3 cubic metres of sea ice. A typical car in the US emits 1 tonne of CO2 every 4000 km, with the same quantity emitted for each seat on a return flight from London to San Francisco. With the average European emitting 7 tonnes each every year (and the average American 16 tonnes), we are emitting a massive 35 Billion tonnes of CO2 annually. At this rate the summer Arctic sea ice will all be gone by 2046, in 28 years time! Polar bears depend on sea ice to catch seals so the ecological impact is going to be massive. The most recent IPCC report stated that emissions are actually higher now, so the tipping point is getting closer. Lifestyle choices and individual action CAN make a difference!! So, lets all try and mitigate that D-Day.