On the sixth day of Christmas my true love told me 6 ways to be a positive part of my community!

The decisions we make have an impact on the world around us. By becoming an active citizen, you can support positive local initiatives and add to the growing numbers of people calling for a more socially and environmentally just world!

1) Be a voice for the environment by joining your local community council, student association or resident group Get your hands dirty by

2) Get involved volunteering for practical conservation or gardening projects including St Andrews Green Corridors and Edible Campus 

3) Write to your local representatives including Councilors, MSPs and MPs about your concerns for local and national climate justice – check out who represents you!

4) “Put your money where your mouth is” – Support positive social and environmental organizations in your area. Every pound you spend has an impact so we recommend using even a little of it to support ethical organizations.

5) Take part in consultations and surveys whenever you are asked and express your ideas!

6) Be a voice for climate justice on social media through sharing positive news and messages. Link us up in these (@TransitionUStA)