Coming Soon!

The cargo and adapted cycles rental scheme is just round the corner. It is currenly in maintenance. Keep checking out this page for final release!

Why rent cargo and adapted cycles?

At Transition we believe anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to cycle. That is why we have a fleet of cargo and adapted cycles available to hire for both individuals and businesses:

Cargo cycles are the greener, cleaner, faster way to transport people and things around – they are 60% faster than vans in city centres. We have cargo bikes, child carrier tricycles, and 200kg load-bearing trailers.

Adapted cycles are modified trikes to help people with a range of physical abilities to get active. We have a recumbant trike and a side-by-side tandem.

All of the cycles are pedal powered but have electric assist to support your ride. Our goal is to replace journeys made by vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) with our zero-emission cycles.   

These cargo cycles are a new part of our already successful Bike Pool scheme. For more, see pictures and rental guide below.

Guide to renting

Step 1: Create an Account on MyTurn & Verify your email address
Step 2: Add Your Card to your MyTurn account 
Step 3: Select Membership Type: Bike Rental
Step 4: Select your chosen Cycle on MyTurn 
Step 5: Select Hire Dates & Reserve 
Step 6: Await Approval from the Transition Team
Step 7: Attend your Induction and receive your cycle
Step 8: Enjoy your cycle and return when your hire ends!

Step 1

Create a MyTurn Account

Access MyTurn – Set up account & Verify email

Step 5

Select Hire Dates & Reserve

Submit your reservation via MyTurn

Step 2

Add your Payment Method

Add preferred 
payment method to MyTurn – you will not be charged until your induction is complete.

Step 6

Await Approval from Transition

Reservations are reviewed every Tuesday​
Once approved Transition will arrange an induction time (normally Wednesdays)

Step 3

Select Membership Type

When prompted, select “Bike Rental Membership” on Myturn

Step 7

Attend Induction

Meet at the Transition Office​
7 Woodburn Place, St Andrews KY16 8LA​
Test ride your selected cycle and get your helmet / accessories

Step 4

Select your Cycle on Myturn

Find your cycle in the myTurn inventory

Step 8

Enjoy your Cycle!

Enjoy your cycle for your desired rental period. When your hire finishes, please drop off the cycle at the Transition Office. 


The bike pool membership is free. We also don’t charge a deposit. However, we do charge for rental depending on the length of hire. Please see below:

One Day Rate


We are able to offer one day hires on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

One Week


We are able to offer week hires from Wednesday to Wednesdays

One Month Rate


We are able to offer one month hires, please select the dates you are looking to book via MyTurn

Three Month Rate


We are able to offer a maximum of 3 month hires. Please select the dates you are looking to hire via MyTurn