Why should I donate my bike?

Leaving University? Skipping town? Or simply have an old bike you don’t use anymore?

Donate your bike to us at Transition and we’ll make sure it gets passed on to people who need it.

Great for the environment – by donating your bike and allowing us to reuse it you help us save on the production and shipping emissions associated with manufacturing and distributing new bikes

Support your community – you help everyone who rents your old bike enjoy all the benefits of cycling!

Reduce waste – if you abandon your bike, chances are it’ll be un-usable by the time we get to it!

Reduce clutter and free space – keep bike parking areas tidy and free for other people to use

Give your old bike what it deserves – you’ve likely enjoyed many years on your bike, send it on to a new home and allow others to enjoy it as you have

Support Transition – as a not-for-profit we rely on your generosity to keep providing our services at a low cost

How can I donate my bike?

It’s easy to donate your bike. Either:

Contact us on transition@st-andrews.ac.uk or message us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter to let us know you want to donate.

Sign up to our bike register here and use the ‘donate your bike’ button. If you are already registered, simply click ‘donate your bike’!

The University also has further guidance on how to donate your bike, either to Transition or to other local organisations! Click here to find out more.

If you suspect your bike may have been tagged as abandoned and uplifted, please contact the Estates Department who can check our Abandoned Bike Register on 01334 463999, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.