Transition are pleased to welcome the “Take One Action” film festival to St Andrews on Monday 4th March 2013 as they present a breathtaking new documentary film by Jeff Orlowsk, Chasing Ice. It  follows the  National Geographic photographer James Balog as he brings to life the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS)—a massive photography project that placed 30 cameras across three continents to gather visual evidence of the earth’s melting ice. This is the story of a visionary artist who, in facing his own mortality, bestows the magic of photography and the adventure of expedition to a new generation while capturing the most visible sign of climate change today.

The  film will provide a stimulating backdrop to a panel discussion with leading experts, artists and activists engaged in climate change debate today.

Monday 4th March, 7pm, University of St Andrews

FREE event. School 3 Lecture Theatre, off North Street