10th to the 16th March 2013

St Andrews Green week will be packed with events and activities aimed at taking positive local action on our environment.

Get involved by visiting the new Green week website and view the up-to-date timetable of events that are happening during the week.


Also check out the facebook page at:




Green Week Transition Pub Quiz

Its 7 rounds of questions to test even the most avid pub quiz brains mixed in with some fun “green” questions of course. Bring a team of 4 along to the Rule bar on South Street for a great evening to test the mind. Its £5 to enter and there are prizes for the Winner, runners up and the wooden spoon. First question called at 8pm. IMAGE


Transition Open Forum – Tuesday 12th March at 5.30pm, St Mary’s College (Divinity Lecture Room 2)

We are going to planning a year in transition with your knowledge, help and input.  The session will ask how we can as a group and community work within the season’s and calendar to achieve joined up events and thinking with our partners. A starting point will be a discussion on Transition’s values and mission from which our work flows. A great chance to get involved, get active and work under one community vision.




Green Week – Meat Free Monday

Going easy on the meat is not only healthy it’s a simple way to cut your carbon emissions and live more sustainably. This was highlighted in the recent SASI Local Food Procurement Seminar where Mike Small from Fife Diet and Local Food Procurement expert, Robin Gourlay discussed the complexities of our current food procurement system that has led to the recent horsemeat scandal. Mike suggested that moving to a “local” diet would require us to eat less meat but of higher quality. This would also give us confidence in where our meat came from whilst benefiting the local economy and animal welfare. Lets all go meat free this Monday and cut some carbon emission’s from our diets for green week! Halls will be putting on 1 extra veggie option this Monday evening too and asking you for comments. Get involved with the Food debate at St Andrews on twitter @transitionUStA,  #stafood


600 Trees for 600 Years

Transition is looking for help to plant out 420 young trees Fife park on Wednesday 13th March. The trees are all native food bearing and should provide us with years of wild foraging fodder in years to come as well as great wildlife value. Species to plant include blackthorn, dog rose, hazel, crab apple and elder. Please join us from 1pm to 3pm on the path from Fife Park towards Balgrove Larder – access from the Strathkiness High Road.