A cold home and large energy bills are no joke. So why not make a date with the Energy Ambassadors and get some great practical advice on how you can save energy and make your home more cosy.

This year we have teamed up with St Andrews Environmental Network’s Handy Man scheme which offers FREE energy saving measures, such as low energy light bulbs, radiator foil insulation, draft proofing and  lots more (all installed FREE), to students in private rented accommodation.

We all know how complex home energy can be especially in a shared house. Our team of energy ambassadors have been trained to provide good, basic advice on how to keep your house comfortable whilst trying to cut down on those bills and reduce our carbon footprint. We can help you understand your bill and energy usage whilst identifying practical ways that you and your flat mates could reduce your energy costs. And, if we can’t help you, we will quickly get our friends at StAndEN to make a visit.

Simply register your details and a convenient time for us to visit on our page

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