The St Andrews community has always prided itself on having a finger on the global pulse and so, as recent events have reaffirmed the significance of climate change, it is time for all of us to answer the global call to action.

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The recent Paris Climate Change Summit 2015 saw 190 nations agree that urgent action is needed to combat global warming; reinforcing the necessity of the world-wide movement for a secure future. To avoid the major dangers of human interference in global climate systems (marked by reaching the threshold of 450ppm of atmospheric CO2 and a 1°C mean temperature rise from 2000), we need to level off our CO2 emissions by 2020 and begin declining by 2050. This hefty task requires full participation: everyone needs to step up to the plate if we are to meet the set targets. You can do your part by joining Carbon Conversations where you will learn simple and easy ways to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

The course is an inspiring series of 6 small group meetings involving activities, outings, knowledge-building, idea-sharing and reflection. You get the opportunity to explore environmental topics both practically and emotionally through discussing the role we play in shaping the future. Participants acquire simple tricks which significantly diminish both their environmental impact and living costs while being individually supported in transitioning towards healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. So why not challenge yourself and see how much there is to gain from shrinking your emissions? Living sustainably is not only better for the planet, but also saves money and is healthier for you: a win-win-win!

Carbon Conversations aims to unify and empower our community for the betterment of St Andrews and the environment. In the past 4 years, 150 people have improved their lives through Carbon Conversations and you can too. We have a great team of trained facilitators who run courses throughout the year at times to suit any lifestyle. Courses are free (usually £20 but funded by Climate Challenge Fund for Transition in St Andrews) and we provide all course materials, a carbon conversations book, tea, coffee, and biscuits. We can also do single sessions or presentations and organize longer or shorter courses. Absolutely anyone and everyone is welcome to join us where individuals can sign separately or as pre-organised groups for a convenient time or place. So, you can join the global movement in halting climate change with your friends and from the comfort of your own home without spending a penny! Join Carbon Conversations today and have a blast fulfilling your new year’s resolutions to protect the planet.

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