Cycling is very important to our local economy so, as part of a feasibility study looking into a Crail to St Andrews Cycle Path, we are asking local businesses, organisations and community groups to take part in a quick survey. This will compliment wider consultation and planning around potential routes and financing.

For more information on why cycling is important to business see section after survey


Cycling has many benefits to local business both organisationally and in terms of direct income. By encouraging cycling we can expect the workforce to be healthier and fitter, helping to address issues of obesity and related health conditions. This has indirect benefits on the local economy in terms of reduced levels of absenteeism and a reduced reliance on local health services. Physical activity has mental health benefits too by reducing depression, anxiety and stress whilst physical activity improves cognition and academic achievement.

Cycling can also be a great time saver especially during road works or when car parking is restricted or traffic heavy. Being relatively cheap and flexible it also supports a mobile local, skilled workforce. We also know that cycling supports an attractive environment for people and businesses by producing less noise, pollution and demands on space. The biggest impact on St Andrews could be on the Tourist Economy. With Cycle tourism being estimate to be worth £124 millions to Scotland’s economy (2013) we could expect better cycle routes to boost footfall and retail trading leaving a “feelgood” factor for all involved.