This is an amazing course looking at how to reduce our individual environmental impact. YOU are amazing. You can make a difference. Join us, its free…

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Carbon Conversations is a unique and inspiring series of 6 group discussions (6 sessions in total) about what it means to live on this planet in the epoch of the Anthropocene – the first period in the Earth’s history that human’s have had such awesome, and catastrophic impacts on the Earth. The focus is on global warming, anthropogenic greenhouse emissions, and action that you can take to ensure that your carbon footprint is a sustainable one. Some actions are simple and hassle-free, others require more of an investment of time and energy, but make a sizeable difference.
The sessions are free, will be run by our team of trained facilitators, involve games, knowledge-building, idea-sharing and reflections, and are considered by the Guardian to be one of the “twenty ideas that could change the world”. Furthermore, over a hundred people have undertaken the course in St Andrews over the years and testify to its benefits for themselves and the planet. I include myself in this number, as my behaviour and awareness of the severity of the issue, as well as desire to act, has changed for the better, even though I never actually managed to attend all six sessions!

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CLICK HERE FOR  9:30-11:30 Wednesdays, starting 1st March

CLICK HERE FOR 5:30-7:30 Tuesdays, starting 28th Feb

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Hope to see you there,
Transition’s Carbon Conversations Team, St Andrews