A photo of Main Kernel Plot

This is just a quick catch-up to welcome in the New Year. Before Christmas we had been busy working on our bed preparation on the farm. We have altered the pH, making it more acidic by adding some elemental sulfur. Hopefully this will bring it closer to the optimum pH of 6.5 where the most amount of nutrients are available to the plants. We are also adding some food and soil life with a layer of compost on the surface which will break down over the winter. We have been doing lots of research in the office, planning our crop rotation and sequencing to make sure our crops are healthy and to make the most of our space for the year to come. More on this in later this month!

Thanks for all your help last year. We are looking forward to this season – can’t wait to get planting!

We are back a the Kernel on the 3rd of February so pop by during our open sessions:

  • Wednesday 2-4pm
  • Thursday 2-4pm
  • Sunday 12-2pm

Elliott and June