Edible campus volunteers have been busy planning  their garden plots for the spring with the help of our favourite online planning tool, GrowVeg.  Mapping out our crops is not only easy and fun but optimists the space we have, and helps to plan out times for sowing and planting out.


Meanwhile, the garden sessions are continuing either weekly or biweekly at most of the sites where the teams have been busy clearing out the last of the beds, turning the compost and adding on a layer of mulch to the beds to add in more nutrients to the soil.

We have had two pruning workshops with Bob Bilson to demonstrate how to maintain soft fruit and apple trees.

As we are now approaching March we will be very busy getting our seeds sown. This will take place at the Kernel in the glasshouse, the corridor at Andrew Melville Hall and some small greenhouses on site such as in St Mary’s Quad and Uni Hall.

Starting this week, William will be running an extra session at St Mary’s on a Friday from 2pm-4pm and James will run a session at the University Community Garden on Saturdays (during term time) from 2pm-4pm.

As usual, please look out for a list of all our sessions on the events calendar on our website and the ediblecampusstandrews facebook page.