Fife Community Police has reported that two bikes a week are being stolen from St Andrews at present!

Community Police Officer Larna Fox Cowan is urging students to lock up their bike, as well as continue to use your lights and wear bright clothing. She joined Transition again this month outside the Students Association in a Bike Light event to draw attention to the fact that it is not only dangerous but illegal to ride without lights.

Community Police Officer, Lorna Fox Cowan, handing out bike lights outside the Student’s Union.
Poster for D-lock sales. Buy one for £20!
Poster for our “Love It, Lock it” scheme, encouraging students to lock their bikes and prevent bike theft.

To help students protect their bikes, D-Locks are currently being sold at a reduced price through the University’s online shop:

Buy a lock for £20 and show your receipt at either DRA, ABH, Sallies or the Transition Office (The Observatory Workshop) to pick it up.

In the worst case scenario that your bike does get stolen, increase your chances of getting back again by signing your bike up to this new registration scheme.

Contact us at for more info on either buying a lock or registering your bike!