The University has teamed up with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to offer a simple solution to Spring clean your wardrobe for Zero Waste Scotland’s big declutter week (9th-17th March). Why not clear out some unwanted items and donate to the British Heart Foundation charity for reuse. Each hall of residence will have a donation point for residents and off-campus students to pick up collection bags and donate any unwanted clothes, shoes, books, handbags, small working electrical appliances and CD’s/ DVD’s.

Look out for these boxes for where to drop off your stuff, and a link to the posters to look out for are down below the picture:

Donation points will be at all Residences Reception areas. After the Spring Break, we will have large red BHF donation containers in the following locations:

* David Russell Apartments/ Fife Park– Fraser, Nursery, Maciver/ Marconi, Muckross, Dover & Scott Building

* Agnes Blackadder and Powell recycling centre

* Andrew Melville Hall close to bike racks

* Whitehorn recycling site

* University Hall

* McIntosh Hall (recycling site at the back of the building)

* Students Union building recycling centre

* Library recycling site

Donation boxes will also be sited in the following reception areas:

St Regulus Hall

St Salvator’s Hall

Deans Court

John Burnet Hall

Declutter Week- Cosmos Centre

Alongside the University and BHF’s declutter campaign are over 600 more Pass It On Week events across Scotland. One of those events will be hosted by the St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN) who are running a reuse drive at the Cosmos Centre on Saturday 9th March from 1:00 – 3:00pm.

You won’t have to wait till after Spring Break to declutter! Simply stop by and drop off any of your unwanted items which will be redistributed to new homes throughout the North East Fife region. By donating items you no longer want, you are helping in the fight to reduce waste in St Andrews as well as helping your local community.

Contact StAndEN on 01334 659315 or