On Saturday 14 December, from 11am to 2pm, was the date in the diary for the annual Pittarthie Christmas Fayre. Tansy Torkington reflects on the day.

Without further ado, a massive thanks and a big shout out to Patrick, Caroline and Angus for hosting this annual event. If it was not for your hospitality and craziness, the event would not have been such a success. Oh and let us not forget the volunteers which tied it all together. Eleanora, Bethany, Valerie, Murray, Rehema, Lisa, Kaska amd Winks… You guys rock!

Okay so picture it with me – a chilly Saturday, typical of a Scottish winter. Howling winds stretching over frost-carpet gravel. But this did not deter the enthusiasm of the steady flow of the 50 plus folk that travelled in to share in this joyous occasion. Attending the event were faces old and new, and lot’s of children which made for a great atmosphere.

Outside was grey and cold. Then you step inside the Pittarthie barn and it rings out with the laughter of the crowds, Kaska’s dulset green story telling tonnes and later on, the immense bagpipes of Winks “Iron Lungs” Emmerson. We had chestnuts roasting on the log burner, mulled apple juice, and the lovely warmth and friendliness of the families. The crafts included:

  • Pyrography; etching in to wood the quantist snowflakes designs to adorn christmas trees.
  • Wreath making; a zero waste activity using the evergreen twigs and needles to create one’s own must have christmas decoration.
  • Salt cooky decorating; using heavily salt based cookies to sparkle up.
  • Climate Conversations activity; people choosing the greenest transport options for Santa’s worldwide journey.
  • Tin can decorations; the event description with this one is all in the name.
  • Finally, Potpourri; people making their own bags of mixed dried petals and spices with a perfume scent to nicely smell out their homes.

If you did not make, I am sorry to hear it. I really do think you should get along next year! Don’t worry though, Skill Share activities like this also happen all year round (just maybe not so Christmas themed!).

Get in touch with me (Tansy) at tt39@st-andrews.ac.uk or check out the Skill Share Facebook group.