It goes without saying that the community gardens have the best volunteers!

One would think that December is a quiet month in the garden, not with our amazing team. While there is not much photosynthesising, there has been great growth in team building, friendship and good old relaxing (but productive) fun!

The Uni Hall and Whitethorn teams have paired up to support each other in the gardens. While Frankie, the garden leader at Uni Hall is planning ahead for new raised beds, a new watering system and more. Frankie and her team are supporting the team at Whitethorn as they break new ground for the first time. Ideas, tips and experiences are shared and passed on from 4th years students to 1st year student. Visions are created, techniques are demonstrated and jokes are shared. 

Similarly, at ABH, Gannochy and St Mary’s, there is a spirit of passing on knowledge from seasoned Edible Campus volunteers onto new Environment Reps and Garden Interns. Go along to St Mary’s and you are sure to hear the very friendly, enthusiastic voice of William, the garden leader, or a very keen drop-in visitor or equally enthusiastic volunteer. 

If you haven’t been to the University Community Garden this year, it is a must! The team is so happy, friendly and musically motivated.  The team are all new to the garden this year and are excited to get a lot done while having a good time out in the fresh brisk air and away from the books. 

I also need to mention the Environment Reps at Dean’s court who are also the Edible Campus Interns looking after their veg plot with great passion.  The duo have already put in a hedgehog house, build four bat boxes and made plans to monitor the halls wildlife on camera.  On the right you have Sabdh and Claire modelling their very own bat box, which they made with the Men’s Shed at the Kernel.

Oh, and there is food ready to harvest..

If you are looking for some delicious seasonal vegetables such as carrots and potatoes head over to Powell Hall. The community garden has Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, kale and Leeks. ABH also has kale and leeks. 

Please remember to record your harvest and stay up to date with sessions over the holidays on our website and facebook page