An absolute pleasure to have one of Transition’s very own Steering Group, Luke Barlow, share with us some of his top media picks from lockdown, ideal for these times of reflection and change.

Resilient Media

For many this lockdown has not only forced us to start questioning the consequences of globalisation, but instilled an urgency in us to seek a more resilient and community conscious post-pandemic lifestyle. I’ve put together a list of some slow paced, forward thinking media creations which encourage kinship, creativity and climate-consciousness.

Kinship, Community and Consciousness

Enjoy this soothing and salient podcast in which Richard Powers discusses these 3 values in the context of his new novel ‘The Overstory’. In the podcast Richard explores the idea of ‘Animism’ as a valid teleology, working on Bron Taylors concept of ‘Dark Green religion’, and encourages the listener to reconnect with the interdependence of humankind. Highlighting the disconnect which continues to widen, between humankind and our surrounding supporting ecology.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, here is my favourite quote:

“…The ecological crisis that we’re facing is a direct, inevitable consequence of the attitude of humans’ separatism. The idea that we are exceptional and independent and autonomous has created a culture in which these great, teeming, reciprocal communities of living things became nothing but commodities which we could use with impunity”

– Richard Powers

In Our Hands – Seeds of Change:

The future of sustainable agriculture is small scale. Right now, many people are giving their garden the attention it deserves, and cultivating resilience in their own soil. This Film created by The Land-workers Alliance highlights how potentially destructive and unsustainable commonplace industrial methods of agriculture can be, and casts a light onto the potential of small scale startups. Whilst the film is geared towards seed saving initiatives and the monopolised seed markets, its scope is much broader than this alone. As someone who aims to establish a community based small scale farm in the future, but who is currently stuck with just a small patch of garden, I can say that no-one will walk away from the film having learned nothing.

Happen Films: Back Garden Permaculture and Low Carbon Living

Living a Radically Simple Permaculture Life | Creatures of Place

Living Simply in an Off-Grid Tiny House

Inspiring Woman Growing a Huge Amount of Food in a Tiny Backyard in the City!

“Cultures that foreground ecological knowledge and background technology are the ones which are truly sustainable, and we do the complete opposite. We are creatures of place, and if we don’t become creatures of place again we will absolutely annihilate every place for every species”

– Patrick Jones, Creatures of Place

All 3 of these films are produced by Happen films. A youtube channel creating permaculture oriented content based out of Australia. These 3 are my personal favourites, as I feel they show how abundant even a small patch of land can be. In the second link Tom explains how he can afford to work 4 weeks in the past 12 months as a GP. Exploring work-rent exchange as a means of living cheaply and simply, and questioning western traditions of ‘security as an individual’ rather than ‘security in relation’. With the former being a hallmark of individuality and the latter a hallmark of interdependent community. I hope these 3 links make you want to cultivate every square foot of your garden and build your own resilience!

I hope there’s something there for anyone to enjoy. In ‘Living Simply’ (Happen films link 2) Tom remarks ‘I have a suspicion that this is actually the blueprint, and there’s [a realisation], when people get to it, that everybody would want to live this way…., but it might be a really long journey for some folks to get to that knowing’. Maybe this lockdown can be the beginning of our journey’s to that blueprint of a simple, sustainable and rich way of living.

As ever, Stay Safe.

Cheers ma dears,

Luke Barlow