Edible Campus volunteer Isabelle Low writes:

Lots of rhubarb in all the Edible Campus gardens at present: fresh and juicy.  As well as rhubarb crumble, why not try making rhubarb chutney?

This recipe is not sweet but it is punchy. I also make it later in the year using plums and then apples.

I had about 500g of rhubarb; to which I added a shredded onion and quite a lot of shredded garlic, plus quite a lot of grated ginger; plus (optional) some chopped chilli too. If you have young children who can’t tolerate chilli, you can leave it out.

The other two key ingredients are sugar and vinegar. The recipe calls for 125g of sugar but I use less (100g): you decide how much you want given your palate. Re vinegar, the recipe calls for 250ml in total but I usually start it off with 2/3rds of that, and add more if/when it needs it.

Cook it slowly for 45 minutes with the lid on the pan so that the flavours meld; and then for 15 or more minutes until it thickens.

Cool and bottle in sterile jars.  Best kept to mature for a month.