On a cold and rainy Saturday in November, seven cycle enthusiasts embarked on a Cycle Ride Leader & Led Ride Assistant course (Cycling Scotland). Delivered by Kat Brown (of Cycling Solutions), the group undertook a variety of theory and practical sessions designed to turn a competent cyclist into a confident leader.

Topics such as road positioning are further complicated by having to consider the needs of those who might have never cycled on a road before. How do you explain what gears are to someone whose only experience of cycling was the BMX they had when they were 10? Why should you stop with your left foot on the floor? And finally, what on earth is an M-Check?

All of these topics, and more, were methodically covered by the wonderful Kat, who we thank and sincerely hope to welcome back in the future. Congratulations to all of our participants for becoming our latest batch of invaluable ride leaders!

If you have any interest in taking a Cycle Ride Leader & Led Ride Assistant course please get in touch!