St Andrews is a great place to cycle but whats the best way to get some wheels? Here are our top places to find a bike depending on your budget and how long you need a bike for.

Cycle Path
E-Bike (University Staff Only)
2Wheel Care
MonthsRental – 1 to 12 monthsBike Pool
YearsPurchase – Second HandFife Bike Works
Fife Cycles
YearsPurchase = NewCyclepath
Fife Cycles
2Wheel Care

If you are buying a bike it is worth thinking about what you will do with it if you move away or store it over any holidays. There are storage options at Cycle Path or Saints storage or you can sell it through local trading sites like gumtree or facebay. Of course, we would love you to donate it to our Bike Pool and give it another lease of life in St Andrews.