On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me great company!

This is our very first entry of Transition St Andrews’ 12 Days of Christmas – a blog series over the winter break where we share our thoughts and our passions to keep us, our communities and our planet active, happy and healthy.

For the first day, why not just start with a gentle reminder to be kind to each other and ourselves. 2020 has been a themepark ride and not for all the right reasons. Under Covid-19 anxiety, stress and depression has soared, and the necessity for physical distancing does not help. But at the same time, in Scotland, almost a third of people also reported a stronger sense of community as a result of the pandemic. Sadly, it may feel that this has dissipated a little since lockdown restrictions lifted in the summer. But just as community arose out of crisis the first time round, there is no reason we each cannot take our own steps in bringing it back.

Reach out to your nextdoor neighbours over Christmas with a letter through their door and call friends and family who cannot be there in-person.

Do not forget your own mental health though. Often we forget that to provide support to the people and planet around us we need to look after ourselves first. And in time, we realise that they are not mutually exclusive. Fostering connections and acting altruistically are both effective ways to increase our own well-being and find meaning in our lives.

Remember: no matter where you are, someone is thinking of you! Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and enjoy the rest of Transition’s 12 Days of Christmas.