On the eighth day of Christmas my true love showed to me, 8 bike tricks including a wheelie!

There is never a bad time to get into cycling, even in winter! Here are 8 things you could consider doing this festive period:

1) Decorate
Use up your leftover decorations to add some fun to your festive rides! See above for an easy idea using tinsel and lights.  Wear a Christmas sweater and some funky socks for scientifically proved extra speed. (Make secure any loose wires or tinsel which could get caught when you’re pedaling) 

2) Deliver Presents on a Bike
Got lots of presents to deliver but no sleigh? Bikes are excellent delivery vehicles for presents, just check out our latest blog post on our town wide secret Santa to see how we used our cargo bike to deliver a #GreenerChristmas 

3) Organize a Christmas Ride
If it is safe to do so, a Christmas ride is a great way to be social! (Please adhere to government guidelines regarding covid-19 restrictions)

4) Christmas Present Ideas for Keen Cyclists
Gloves, Buffs, Cycling Socks, Cycling Caps, Overshoes, Bidons (fancy cycling term for water bottle), Coffee, Park Tool Pizza Cutter, lights, high-vis, bike stickers  

5) Get Out and Explore
The family Christmas walk is a great way to get out but why not take the chance to go further and explore new places by bicycle?  

6) Rapha Festive 500
For the super keen among us, check out the Rapha festive 500 which involves cycling 500km in 8 days over the holiday period. Sign up on Strava and check out the Rapha site for more details and tips.  

7) Escape the Christmas Chaos
Do you need just a few hours away from the Christmas madness? Going on a cycle is a tried and tested way to get out and just breathe.  

8) Take a Break!
It is a holiday after all! If you’re planning on taking a break over Christmas – carry on. Even the pros sometimes put their feet up so don’t feel guilty for not getting out. Spend time with your family, eat as many mince pies as you can and have a great time whether you are on or off the bike.