On the tenth day of Christmas my true love shared with me 10 reasons to plant a tree

10 reasons why you should plant a tree this festive season:

1) Trees fight climate change
They make and release oxygen and store carbon dioxide. 

2) Trees provide shelter, food and habitat for wildlife 
Hang a bird feeder in a branch and watch wildlife all year round. 

3) Trees improve your mood
Being in the presence of trees can reduce your heart rate and make you feel relaxed.

4) Trees clean the air
They absorb odours and pollutant gases. 

5) Trees provide food
A small apple tree in a garden, can provide up to 700kg of fruit. 

6) Trees create unity
They can be a local landmark and promote a sense of community pride.

7) Trees reduce erosion
They stabilise soils and absorb and store rainwater. 

8) Trees around your home can increase your properties value

9) Trees provide beauty all year round They illustrate the ever changing seasons. 

10) Trees are a gift for the future
Trees live for hundreds of years, by planting one now, you are giving a gift to your children and grandchildren.