Fanfare please… time to celebrate the launch of our very own active Travel blog for Transition. The blog aims to celebrate all things smarter around sustainable travel and transport. Over the coming months not only do we wish to introduce our readers to what is happening with active travel in and around St Andrews but so too will we be exploring this further afield. Every month we focus in on a theme and deliver a number of blogs and social media releases linked to that theme.

This January and as a way to kick off this new blog series we decided to explore Transition’s work and its role within active travel. The first introductory article can be read here. All other blogs can be easily viewed on our website under Active Travel. In February we will be considering sustainable travel solutions that can be incorporated into your everyday lives and how they may even enhance it.

We are eager to make our new active travel blog as immersive as possible, rather than purely static content. Alongside our articles we are excited to be delivering a number of podcasts in which we speak directly with individuals working directly on our community projects. The first set of podcasts, running throughout February and March, will focus in on promoting our Active Travel Champions – key volunteers and individuals who without their input our projects would not be as successful. These short interviews will be exploring the motivations and inspirations behind these Individuals. We would also like to invite guest bloggers to get involved by submitting any articles they would like to share. If you have interesting content to share or simply wish to discuss ideas for pieces please get in contact, in the first instance. We would be happy to explore these with you.

We really hope you enjoy engaging with our active travel blogs and podcasts. If you have any comments or thoughts on topics that you would like to see covered please make sure you get in contact and share these with us at