No doubt the past year has been tough but it has taught us some valuable lessons about society and the climate crisis. The harder lessons: just as inequalities and injustices are worsened by the impacts of the pandemic, the climate crisis will do no different. On a more positive note: when governments mobilize, rapid change can happen. And from the level of community to global politics, when we work together we are more resilient.

What we can safely say is that ‘back to normal’ is NOT what we should be aiming for. Together let’s ‘bounce forward’ – a motto used by the Transition Network. But to do that we all need to voice our imaginations and share our visions for more sustainable and resilient St Andrews.

On Thursday 11 March (5.00-7.00pm) Transition St Andrews are hosting a ‘Bounce Forward’ workshop and we want you to be a part of it. We are asking three questions:

What Is? – What If? – What Next?

On the evening we will first explore the What Is to set the scene and see what is happening on the climate action front locally. Second comes What If. This is where we share our collective blue-sky thinking and big dreams for the future.

For the remainder of the evening we will be hosting our AGM where you can opt to stand for a position on Transition’s Steering Group and/or find out how you can be involved in Transition taking these visions forward.

The What Next question is a follow up session for the newly elected Steering Group to set out the roadmap of how to get there. This is where Transition looks to make these dreams a reality.