#NationalLovePeopleDay – Change Starts with Connection

A quick throw back to last week’s newsletter introduction. We highlighted that Friday 30 September was in fact, #NationalLovePeopleDay. (It was also National Chewing Gum Day and National Hot Mulled Cider Day, amongst others, but that was not important here).

National Love People Day, founded in 2017 by Lifeline Church straight out of Chicago, Illinois, is about celebrating the wholehearted love, support and compassion to the people around you; to your community. Above that, it is a reminder that lifting others up is a powerful act in the world.

As a wise friend defines love, “it is the ability to put someone else before yourself.” Even if only for a moment each day, it can create a profound difference in your life, somebody else’s, and, ultimately, the world. Love is the purest form of connection, connection is the starting point for change. 

At the level of local climate action, striving for connection and community is important. To transform the world, connection is absolutely vital. As the author of Drawdown and Regeneration, Paul Hawken, puts it:

“We know what the solutions are. We know how we put CO2 and methane in the atmosphere. We know how to bring it down. We’re profoundly disconnected as people and from nature. We’ve radically disconnected nature from itself. We have to start over by connecting people to each other again.”

So, let us try support this together. Over the next week we can all take the chance to give a little more of our time or share our support with someone in our lives. Why uplift people only on National Love People Day when we should aspire to it always.