Our New Skillshare Coordinator: Anya Hart-Dyke

Drum roll please – can everyone halt what they are doing for a moment as we introduce Anya, the newest member of the Transition team and now, Skillshare Worker.

With a background in sustainability, education, and campaigning, Anya brings a wealth of energy to a post and project that arguably is at the heart of all that is Transition: bringing people together to share skills, resources, and support.

As a mum of two, Anya is passionate about engaging families in conversations around climate change and sustainable living. She has set up a free-to-access online education platform Big Dreams, Little Footprints, which has fun and creative ideas for engaging young children on sustainability and the natural world. She also runs the Scottish Sustainable Schools Network, an informal advisory group that helps parents and teachers build strong partnerships to better equip the next generation for an uncertain future.

Further back in time, she worked in London for a counter-extremism think tank and in the former-Yugoslavia on weapons control. Simply, wow. There is no end to the diversity of Anya’s experience!

Anya is excited to hear from you and your ideas for Skillshare. No suggestion is too crazy!

Anya Hart-Dyke
Anya Hart-Dyke