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On the 9th of December it was Christmas Jumper Day. Many schools and workplaces had their Christmas Jumper Day on the 8th. So, at some stage over those 48 hours you may have seen some loud and proud knitted jumpers adorned with tiny bells and ribbons sauntering past you. The reindeer, snowflakes or Santa pictured on them may have been a hint.

For those of you confused about why there is a day dedicated to the not so fashionable but oh-so comfortable Christmas jumper, let us help. Started in 2012 by Save the Children, the day is a fundraising campaign which encourages people to wear a Christmas jumper to celebrate the season and donate to the charity, which helps disadvantaged children without access to education, healthcare or a safe place to live.

While the charitable intentions are honest and pure, it is hard to avoid thinking of the potential millions of jumpers bought and discarded for a single day. Sure it comes across as an unfair and cynical mindset but, understandably, the thought of further festive waste can get the heckles up.

This year however, the charity have asked people to reuse or make their own jumpers instead of buying new. Whatever the scale of impact, at least there is a shift in mindset. After all, it is not like Christmas hasn’t changed over the centuries.

So, rather than honing in on the negatives, let’s celebrate the positives. We want to see your jumpers and more! Share your seasonal secondhand style and creative Christmas clothing with us either by email or by social media, @transitionstandrews / @transitionUStA.

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