The importance of Biodiversity. Mankind (single species) versus nature (biomes, ecosystems, biodiversity, communities and populations of multiple species); is it a winner-takes-all contest or can we live in sustainable harmony?

Background The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio led to three Conventions a year later on Climate Change, Biological Diversity and Desertification Prevention (UN). Biodiversity can be defined as the variety …

What is ‘here in St Andrews’?

In this letter to the new Transition UStA Steering Group, Joshua Msika, Transition UStA’s 2012-14 Coordinator, discusses all the groups and places needing considered when trying to understand the issues facing people ‘here in St Andrews’, and how Transition can help support a journey towards a positive future for all

Do you live in halls?

Margot is an undergraduate student researching her dissertation “Green Buildings and the environmental psychology of their occupants: How do physical building characteristics, occupant attitudes and behaviour choices influence actual energy consumption?”
If you live in halls, we would appreciate it if you could spare 10-15 minutes to participate in her online survey……..(click on the title for details)