Carbon Conversations web ad august 2013

Is the Future worth a conversation?

Voted as one of the top solutions to climate change, Carbon Conversations is an innovative, supportive and pro-active way of challenging climate change and examining the benefits of low carbAndrews – town and gown. on living. It’s delivered in small groups and provides a non-judgemental space where people can come together to explore a common issue and look for ways to help individually. This helps bring the responsibility and enormity of the problem to a personal and manageable level. It also uses a variety of activities, games and learning materials to ensure the correct information is given out and people are able to make clear, informed decisions.Transition University St Andrews are running a new series of their popular and successful carbon con

The course is funded by the Scottish Governments Climate Challenge Fund and is offered free to everyone living in St

Next course starts

Tuesday 24th Sept at 10am

Wednesday 25th Sept at 2pm

Thursday 26th Sept at 5.15pm

Sunday 29th Sept at 2.30pm


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