Please come and borrow some of the wonderful Transition Books that are now available at the University Library. It’s exciting to see them all so shiney and new, but we’d prefer that they were as well used as possible! To help you access these, and other relevent  resources, we have put together some Transition Reading lists, which you can see at

Some of the books we have include…….

  • The transition companion: making your community more resilient in uncertain times – Rob Hopkins (2011)
  • The transition handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience – Rob Hopkins (2008)
  • The transition timeline: for a local, resilient future – Shaun Chamberlin (2009)
  • Transition in action: Totnes and district 2030, an energy descent action plan – Jacqi Hodgson & Rob Hopkins (2010)
  • Local food: how to make it happen in your community – Tamzin Pinkerton & Rob Hopkins – (2009)
  • Local money: how to make it happen in your community – Peter North (2010)
  • Communities, councils & a low-carbon future: what we can do if governments won’t – Alexis Rowell  (2010)
  • Local sustainable homes: how to make them happen in your community – Chris Bird (2010)

And lots more…..

Check out for more details about each one, or just pop down to the library. Remember – anyone in St Andrews is welcome to pop into the library and have a browse through the books; but if you are not a staff or student member, there may be a small subscription to pay if you want to borrow them. (