As the year comes to a close we’ve been reflecting on the incredible amount of activity in the past 12 months. For the first time ever we have a campus cycling officer who has been promoting sustainable travel in an unprecedented way (see our video below). We’ve had the number and diversity of Skillshare events skyrocket with over 750 members on our facebook page. Our partnership with the St Andrews Botanic Garden has been strengthened with the establishment of a new community garden there and we’ve doubled our food production from last year.

We continue to support practical sustainability activities beyond our core operations: the Tree the Green Film festival and Bioblitz notably have been driven by volunteers. Indeed, we are indebted as always to our volunteers – thank you all! Building on new and existing partnerships, we’re bedding down and making big plans and we look forward to being part of building a more resilient community in the coming year!

Your Transition Team,
Alistair, Helena, Andrea, Tansy, Lara and Katherine