Elliott outlining principles of Urban Farming at the Kernel Anniversary event
June with Kernel volunteer planting lettuce
We need voluteers to help with development of the Urban Farm and Community Garden at the Kernel

Things are progressing nicely at the Kernel growing space. After cultivation in the early autumn, the growing site seems to be draining well but the winter will be our real test. We are enjoying the last of late crop of tomatoes and peppers and preparing to overwinter crops in fleece tunnels to extend our season. This will supply us with fresh produce early next season. Along with the polytunnel offered by T&N Gilmartins of Cupar this is going to make a real difference to our project extending our growing season and giving us plenty of options.

We enjoyed taking part in the Kernel first anniversary celebrations and juice off last Saturday, where Elliott shared our vision for the Kernel’s Urban Farm and showed off some of the new tools which will make lighter work of the gardening.

Elliott outlining principles of Urban Farming at the Kernel Anniversary event
Elliott speaking about principles of urban farming which are inspiring the development of the growing space at the Kernel

On Tuesday the 6th November Andrea, June and Elliott are looking forward to starting our veg month by month sessions with Edible Campus garden leaders. The aim of these sessions will be to build on practical skills and give an overview of the jobs for the coming month. We have been planting the last of our overwintered vegetables in cloches for the hungry gap next year across the Campus gardens. We are now moving on to a bit of soil prep and bed making. If you would like to get involved with Edible Campus, get in touch with Andrea on ar252@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to help get us to this stage. It’s been fun meeting you all and working together on this worthwhile project. Its early days but we are well on our way to building something good.

Elliott supervising fork digging at the Kernel
Trying out new gardening tools which will make Kernel gardening a breeze!

Come and join in at the open volunteering sessions at the Kernel:

  • Wednesday 2-4pm
  • Thursday 2-4pm
  • Sunday 12-2pm

You can also get in touch with Elliott directly on eforsyth@standrewsbotanic.org.

Hope to see you there!

Elliott and June